Theatre: Lakavu


Lavaku is a short play, based on true events, and brings to life the incredible story of an aid worker and his journey through Papua New Guinea. Produced by me, it is written and performed by Matt Gibbs, and successfully launched at The Hope Theatre in London in April 2017, with two sell-out shows and much praise received from its first audiences. 


What would you do if you came across an AIDS orphan in Papua New Guinea? Someone else’s problem? And where is Papua New Guinea anyway?

Simon - young, gay, Australian - is an aid worker ready to save the world, from a distance. When he comes across an orphaned baby girl, his world changes. Her mother has just died in childbirth and he may be the baby’s only chance to survive.

It is a tale of discovery: a mysterious country, a little beating heart and the myths we tell ourselves. Interspersed with colourful local legends, Matt Gibbs’ monologue explores the fragility of life that connects us, and the hope that keeps us going.

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